Benchmark set for blade transport

September 14 - Martin Bencher USA has been granted a patent for for its wind turbine blade fixture, designed especially for transporting wind blades via rail in North America. -  News Desk - News Desk
Thursday 14 September 2017

According to Martin Bencher, the patented system requires only minor engineering adjustments to support different original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) product and lengths.

The system features a fixture connected to the end  of the wind turbine blade, a mid-frame fixture on the second railcar which supports a reinforced midsection of the blade using support saddles, and a further fixture restraining the tip of the blade against lateral movement outside of a preselected range.

In the development stage, several concepts were combined into one, says Martin Bencher. Tests of the system saw 56-m wind turbine blades being transported along rails with 11 degree curves.

A video of the development tests can be viewed here.


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