Redbox delivers on promises

Whilst one of its major rivals is in the midst of what its own ceo has described as "stormy conditions", ZPMC Redbox Energy Services (Redbox) seems to be sailing a much calmer ocean, delivering on the promises it made when it was created in 2014. -  News Desk - News Desk
Tuesday 13 September 2016

The Redbox fleet of five specialist marine heavy lift ships represents the largest commitment of vessels from one owner handling the huge infrastructure modules that are being shipped to Russia in order to bring the vast Yamal LNG project on stream.

The company's 50,000 dwt semi-submersibles, Red Zed I and Red Zed II, became the first vessels to transport prefabricated building structures for Yamal LNG in summer 2015. This summer, Technip has made the most of favourable weather conditions to transport a significant proportion of huge modules to the Yamal peninsula, from fabrication sites in Asia, mainly China.

As weather conditions in the Russian Arctic start to deteriorate and ice limits sailing opportunities, Redbox's two ice-class ARC7 28,500 dwt PC-3 module carriers will come into their own. 

The two ships, each of which have ice-breaking capabilities, are capable of navigating year round above the Arctic Circle and will continue to be deployed to carry modules that have been brought into Zeebrugge from Asia on to Sabetta, helping Technip to keep the construction project on schedule.

For a fuller report on the project and Redbox's involvement, see the next edition of HLPFI.


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