Küpers upgrades with Liebherr

September 13 - Osterwald, Germany-based J+B Küpers, which specialises in crane work for the oil and gas industry, has taken delivery of a Liebherr LTM 1130-5.1 mobile crane.

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Wednesday 13 September 2017

The five-axle mobile crane, which has a lifting capacity of 130 tonnes, will replace a crane of the same capacity in Küpers' fleet, which comprises twelve mobile cranes with lifting capacities up to 220 tonnes.

Managing director, Joachim Küpers, explains: "Our mobile cranes are used, for example, for loading work and for erecting and dismantling systems.

"The new LTM 1130-5.1 with its VarioBase variable support base and working area limitation satisfies these requirements in full."


From left to right: Guido Boll, Wilfried Geerties, Joachim Küpers (all from J+B Küpers GmbH), Christoph Neumann (Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH), Guido Meyerink (J+B Küpers GmbH)



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