Lucky 13 for PNI Logistics

October 12 - PNI Logistics has coordinated the delivery of 13 modules, weighing in between 150 and 200 tonnes, from various fabrication yards in the UAE to Jebel Ali port, and onto a nearby jetty. -  News Desk - News Desk
Wednesday 12 October 2016

PNI explained that each move required route surveys, securing permits from transport authorities and arranging police escorts.

As well as these services, PNI was responsible for arranging storage at the port, crane operations, and chartering tugs and barges to move the cargoes from Jebel Ali to Drydocks Dubai's jetty.

Some of the equipment used for the project included a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT), which was employed to move pipe racks from their fabrication yard in Abu Dhabi to the Liwa Petroleum jetty, where the units were loaded onto a barge and delivered to the final site.

Modular trailers were used to transport skids from manufacturing facilities in Dubai to Jebel Ali port, before the cargoes were loaded onto a barge using a 750-tonne capacity and 500-tonne capacity crane.

PNI also had responsibility for arranging cargo lashing and securing, conducting barge stability calculations, draft and towage surveys, and obtaining all port permissions.

PNI is a member of the WCA Projects network in the UAE.



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