Stevens tows the line with Island Merchant

October 11 - Stevens Towing has transported a 104-ton (94.3-tonne) Siemens rotor from Charleston, South Carolina to Port Everglades, Florida, USA using a barge and its tugboat, Island Merchant. -  News Desk - News Desk
Wednesday 11 October 2017

Guy M. Turner, which contracted Stevens Towing, transported the rotor by road to the Columbus Street Terminal in Charleston where Stevens Towing utilised its Clyde 32 floating crane to load the rotor onto Guy M. Turner's Goldhofer trailer which had been previously loaded onto the barge.

The unit was secured before Island Merchant transported the rotor to Port Everglades via the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.

On site in Port Everglades, Stevens Towing handled the ro-ro operation to unload the unit for onward delivery to the Florida Power & Light facility at the port.

Stevens Towing picture 1.jpg

In a separate project, Stevens Towing worked with Charleston Heavy Lift to remove a 200-ton (181.4-tonne) bridge span from the highway 41 Wando River bridge in South Carolina.

Charleston Heavy Lift's 500-ton (453.6-tonne) capacity floating crane, Ocean Ranger, lifted the bridge span and loaded it onboard a deck barge.

According to Stevens Towing the bridge span will become an artificial reef offshore of Charleston later this month.

StevensTowing bridge span 2.jpg

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