The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award has been revealed.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Dennis Mottola (2)

The final award of the evening was the Lifetime Achievement Award, which this year went to project logistics veteran and former corporate manager of logistics at Bechtel, Dennis Mottola.

“To say only a few words about Dennis is a big ask as he is such a huge personality in our industry – greatly admired and hugely respected,” said Susan Oatway, a judge and senior analyst at Drewry. “He has always been so very generous of his time and very supportive of the next generation. I have always felt it is very personal with Dennis; he cares as much about the people as he does about the cargoes.”

Described as a true professional and trustful person, Dennis’ reputation in the industry spreads far and wide. “Of our, generation few can say they have not heard of him or have had dealings with him and although now retired he is still looking in and watching what is going on,” commented Justin Archard at One World Shipbrokers. “As they say – you cannot keep a good man down.”

Fellow judge, Kyriacos Panayides from AAL, added: “Great industry leaders and pioneers aspire to leaving a legacy behind them and that is exactly what Dennis has done, and in fact, continues to do. He has always demonstrated to be a man of trust and truly reliable to do business with, pushing frequently the boundaries of what most people thought impossible. Despite being a tough businessman and such a titan of our industry, it is remarkable how open and humble he is and generous of his time to others. His legacy is not just the size and importance of the proud operation he has left behind in Bechtel, but the grace and dignity with which he built it – a great example to us all.”