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Gustav Seeland spins into Hamburg thumbnail image

Gustav Seeland spins into Hamburg

November 30 - November 30 - Germany headquartered Gustav Seeland - a member of the Big Move network - has completed the delivery of an 80-tonne propeller from Waren an der Müritz to Hamburg in just one night.
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ACS grows in Germany thumbnail image

ACS grows in Germany

November 30 - November 30 - Air Charter Service's (ACS) German operation is expanding into new premises in Frankfurt.
Views: 337
MacGregor to supply CLdN thumbnail image

MacGregor to supply CLdN

November 27 - November 27 - MacGregor, part of Cargotec, has been contracted by Hyundai Heavy Industries to deliver ro-ro access equipment packages for two ro-ro carriers currently under construction for Luxembourg based operator CLdN.
Views: 422
Cargolux approves extra pilots thumbnail image

Cargolux approves extra pilots

November 27 - November 27 - Against a background of ongoing discussions with unions regarding a new collective work agreement (CWA), the Cargolux board of directors has agreed a significant expansion strategy for the airline.
Views: 599
Christmas tree rises with Universal thumbnail image

Christmas tree rises with Universal

November 26 - November 26 - Universal Transport has transported an 18 m high Christmas tree from Thuringia to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.
Views: 510
Air Partner inks UAE deal thumbnail image

Air Partner inks UAE deal

November 26 - November 26 - Air Partner has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Air Cargo Integrators (ACI), which will see the two companies work together to develop their freight charter and global airfreight products.
Views: 866
Gustav Seeland spins into Hamburg thumbnail image

Manica handles hopper

November 26 - November 26 - Manica Logistics has acted as port agent to assist Walvis Bay Stevedoring (WBS) in receiving a custom-designed hopper on board the MACS vessel, Green Mountain.
Views: 763
ACS grows in Germany thumbnail image

Out with the old, in with the new

November 25 - November 25 - Finland headquartered crane services company Havator has used a Terex CC 6800 lattice boom crawler crane to replace an old riding ring with a new one at a pelletising plant in Kiruna, Sweden.
Views: 909
MacGregor to supply CLdN thumbnail image

Spedman on the boil

November 25 - November 25 - Spedman Global Logistics has coordinated the transport of four boilers and accessories to a power plant in Poland.
Views: 971
Cargolux approves extra pilots thumbnail image

Steder goes ro-ro

November 24 - November 24 - Steder Group has transported a Hitachi EX1200 excavator from the customer's quay in the Netherlands to a terminal in Belgium for shipment by ro-ro vessel to South America.
Views: 1026
Christmas tree rises with Universal thumbnail image

Parker up at Clecat

November 24 - November 24 - Member of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) board, Steve Parker, has been appointed president of the Brussels based European association for forwarding, transport, logistics and Customs services, Clecat.
Views: 910
Air Partner inks UAE deal thumbnail image

Pipe flies with New Sign

November 24 - November 24 - New Sign Logistics has coordinated the transport of a heavy pipe for use in the subsea oil and gas industry from Malaysia to Luxembourg.
Views: 974
Gustav Seeland spins into Hamburg thumbnail image

Blue Water flows into Italy

November 24 - November 24 - Blue Water Shipping has formed a joint venture with Priano Marchelli - Blue Water PM - to provide logistics services within the oil and gas and industrial sectors in Italy.
Views: 710
ACS grows in Germany thumbnail image

Run of the mill for Freja

November 24 - November 24 - Freja Transport & Logistics has coordinated the shipment of equipment for a pulp and paper mill, including 2,900 cu m of steel material, from Estonia to Sweden.
Views: 707
MacGregor to supply CLdN thumbnail image

Mammoet sets wheel in motion

November 24 - November 24 - Mammoet has formed a joint venture with Dutch engineering company Starneth to design and construct the New York Wheel - a giant observation wheel that is scheduled for completion by 2017.
Views: 453
Cargolux approves extra pilots thumbnail image

Scheuerle ships to South Korea

November 23 - November 23 - Scheuerle has delivered a ship section transporter with an 800-tonne payload to South Korea for use at Sungdong Group's shipyard premises in the coastal city of Tongyoung.
Views: 849
Christmas tree rises with Universal thumbnail image

Enerpac unveils new gantry

November 23 - November 23 - Enerpac has revealed its SL400 hydraulic gantry, which it says is the company's highest capacity bare cylinder gantry.
Views: 380
Air Partner inks UAE deal thumbnail image

High five for PCN

November 23 - November 23 - The Project Cargo Network (PCN) held its fifth annual summit from November 15-18 at the Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn in Bangkok, Thailand.
Views: 1198
Manica handles hopper thumbnail image

Tragedy strikes Volga-Dnepr

November 23 - November 23 - Volga-Dnepr Airlines has confirmed that six of its crew members lost their lives during the terror attack in Bamako, Mali on November 20.
Views: 653
Out with the old, in with the new thumbnail image

ProvPort plays offshore wind part

November 23 - November 23 - Deepwater Wind and General Electric (GE) are establishing a new temporary manufacturing facility at Rhode Island's Port of Providence (ProvPort), for the assembly of turbine components for the Block Island wind farm.
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Spedman on the boil thumbnail image

Prangl celebrates century

November 20 - November 20 - Prangl has used its self-propelled heavy-duty module, PSF3000, and PFTV 300 blade transporter to move its 100th wind turbine blade.
Views: 458
Steder goes ro-ro thumbnail image

Bronka ready for business

November 20 - November 20 - With a Liebherr LHM 800 mobile harbour crane installed at the end of September 2015, the first phase of construction at Russia's new deepwater Port of Bronka is now complete.
Views: 1100
Parker up at Clecat thumbnail image

ABC adds Atlanta

November 20 - November 20 - AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) has launched twice-weekly Boeing 747 freighter flights to Atlanta.
Views: 848
Pipe flies with New Sign thumbnail image

Terex raises the roof

November 20 - November 20 - Ingolstadt based Autodienst Eineder has used its Terex Explorer 5800 all-terrain crane to hoist a number of flat roof sections in Gaimersbach, Germany.
Views: 603
Blue Water flows into Italy thumbnail image

Freighters fly to ABC

November 18 - November 18 - Boeing has delivered two 747-8 freighters to AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC), part of Volga-Dnepr Group.
Views: 809
Run of the mill for Freja thumbnail image

Robert Wynn and MTS join forces

November 18 - November 18 - Marine and Towage Services Group (MTS) has worked together with Robert Wynn & Sons to deliver nine transformers for the UK's Western Link project.
Views: 520
Mammoet sets wheel in motion thumbnail image

Nordana Sea to set sail

November 18 - November 18 - Nordana Sea - the third vessel in a series of six ships to be delivered to Symphony Shipping and subsequently chartered out to Nordana - will be launched by the Ferus Smit shipyard in Leer, Germany on December 11, 2015.
Views: 1197
Scheuerle ships to South Korea thumbnail image

Satellite takes to sky on AN-124

November 18 - November 18 - Volga-Dnepr Airlines has flown the Türksat 4B communications satellite from Japan to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on board an AN-124 freighter aircraft.
Views: 864
Enerpac unveils new gantry thumbnail image

Antwerp welcomes Fednav first

November 18 - November 18 - Fednav's next-generation vessel Federal Bering has made its maiden call at the Port of Antwerp.
Views: 551
High five for PCN thumbnail image

Newport ups capacity

November 17 - November 17 - Associated British Ports (ABP) has invested GBP1.6 million (USD2.4 million) in a new mobile harbour crane at the UK's Port of Newport.
Views: 1187
Tragedy strikes Volga-Dnepr thumbnail image

POGL goes transpacific

November 17 - November 17 - Shanghai headquartered Pacific Ocean Group Ltd (POGL) is continuing to deliver oversize cargo to Formosa Plastic Corporation's new manufacturing facility in Point Comfort, Texas.
Views: 693
ProvPort plays offshore wind part thumbnail image

CAL heads to Halifax

November 17 - November 17 - Effective December 2015, CAL Cargo Airlines will offer a peak season service out of Halifax to Belgium, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Views: 682
Prangl celebrates century thumbnail image

States club together in terminal build

November 17 - November 17 - Georgia and South Carolina's port authorities have signed a joint venture agreement that provides the necessary framework for the two US states to work cooperatively towards the development of the Jasper Ocean Terminal (JOT).
Views: 750
Bronka ready for business thumbnail image

Cargo slides in Hamburg

November 16 - November 16 - The Port of Hamburg handed 1.5 million tonnes of non-containerised cargo in the first nine months of 2015 - down 8.5 percent year-on-year.
Views: 782
ABC adds Atlanta thumbnail image

Boskalis outlook unchanged

November 16 - November 16 - Royal Boskalis Westminster (Boskalis) has posted "good" third quarter results, with quarterly revenue slightly exceeding the average quarterly revenue in the first of the year.
Views: 849
Terex raises the roof thumbnail image

Best generates big shipment

November 16 - November 16 - Best Logistics has delivered four parts of a new regenerator for the PCK refinery in Schwedt, Germany.
Views: 563
Freighters fly to ABC thumbnail image

ABC and JAS get things racing

November 13 - November 13 - AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) has collaborated with JAS Worldwide Motorsport Logistics (JAS) to deliver race vehicles to China to compete in the 62nd Macau Grand Prix, taking place from November 19 - 22.
Views: 685
Robert Wynn and MTS join forces thumbnail image

High five for Wiesbauer

November 13 - November 13 - Wiesbauer has added a fifth Terex AC 700 all-terrain crane to its fleet.
Views: 835
Nordana Sea to set sail thumbnail image

AGL motors ahead

November 13 - November 13 - Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) has successfully shipped ten motor graders from Germany to Casablanca, Morocco.
Views: 844
Satellite takes to sky on AN-124 thumbnail image

Steil bridges the gap

November 13 - November 13 - Using a Terex Superlift 3800 crane, Steil Kranarbeiten has successfully installed the Schöneck bridge, which measured 15 m long and weighed 66 tonnes, in Kirkel, Germany.
Views: 792
Antwerp welcomes Fednav first thumbnail image

Manitowoc crawler heads East

November 13 - November 13 - South Korea's Chunjo Construction utilised its 2,300-tonne capacity Manitowoc 31000 crawler crane to construct a petrochemical refinery in Vietnam - the first time Chunjo has used the crane outside its domestic market.
Views: 899
Newport ups capacity thumbnail image

Mammoet granted Sasol contract

November 13 - November 13 - Mammoet has been awarded a contract by Sasol for its new ethane cracker and derivatives complex.
Views: 855
POGL goes transpacific thumbnail image

Europrim relocates gas plant

November 13 - November 13 - Europrim Shipping has completed the shipment of a natural gas processing plant from Malaysia to Tatarstan.
Views: 804
CAL heads to Halifax thumbnail image

WWL ALS gets reeling

November 12 - November 12 - WWL ALS has coordinated the transportation of a 300-tonne cable reel from the UK to the USA.
Views: 954
States club together in terminal build thumbnail image

Cargolux continues CWA negotiations

November 12 - November 12 - After ongoing discussion and a preliminary agreement being made in July this year, the management of Cargolux Airlines and representatives from the Luxembourg based OGBL and LCGB met this week to continue negotiations for a collective work a
Views: 270
Cargo slides in Hamburg thumbnail image

Bos-Shelf in Kamag buy

November 12 - November 12 - Baku, Azerbaijan based Bos-Shelf has invested in 24 axle lines of Kamag K24 self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).
Views: 972
Boskalis outlook unchanged thumbnail image

Universal Transport takes over Ivanica

November 11 - November 11 - As of 2016, Ivanica Spedition will become part of Universal Transport, operating from one of its premises in Straubing, Germany.
Views: 685
Best generates big shipment thumbnail image

Zoo trip for Wagenborg

November 11 - November 11 - Wagenborg has transported four train wagons from Grossauheim Hanau, Germany to the Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen, the Netherlands.
Views: 743
ABC and JAS get things racing thumbnail image

Braemar comes together

November 11 - November 11 - Braemar Adjusting and Braemar SA are relocating their UK head offices to share new premises in London.
Views: 617
High five for Wiesbauer thumbnail image

Chapman Freeborn in Scandi tie-up

November 11 - November 11 - Chapman Freeborn Airchartering has launched a strategic partnership with Oslo, Norway based Airbroker AS to enhance both parties' offerings in the international air charter market.
Views: 553
AGL motors ahead thumbnail image

Brunel flies replacement engine

November 11 - November 11 - Brunel Project Cargo coordinated the transport of a new aircraft engine from the UK to Russia, where an aircraft had been grounded with an unserviceable engine.
Views: 752
Steil bridges the gap thumbnail image

PCN duo joins forces

November 11 - November 11 - Project Cargo Network (PCN) member in Germany, Russia and Mongolia, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), joined forces with fellow PCN member in Poland, Scandinavian Express, to deliver a 25-tonne spare part.
Views: 764
Manitowoc crawler heads East thumbnail image

Timmerhaus adds EuroCompact

November 10 - November 10 - Oberhause, Germany based transport company Timmerhaus has added a Scheuerle-Nicolas EuroCompact 4 + 6 trailer to its fleet.
Views: 536
Mammoet granted Sasol contract thumbnail image

CP Ships' Ray Miles dies

November 9 - November 9 - Raymond R Miles, who during his 43-year international transport career helped steer the course of container shipping as it evolved through its second generation, died on Friday November 6, 2015 after a brief illness. He was 71.
Views: 1218
Europrim relocates gas plant thumbnail image

Second jack-up for ALE

November 9 - November 9 - ALE's Mega Jack 800 has been used for the second time in Norway to jack-up a living quarter (LQ) module, weighing 2,000 tonnes.
Views: 502
WWL ALS gets reeling thumbnail image

Flensborg adds Iberian presence

November 9 - November 9 - Vigo-based Bruno Goberna is the new representative of Flensborg and Associates in Spain and Portugal.
Views: 534
Cargolux continues CWA negotiations thumbnail image

Volga-Dnepr confirms new airline

November 9 - November 9 - Speaking at the XLProjects Network's (XLP) 3rd annual conference in Kuala Lumpur, Alan Baldwin, Volga-Dnepr Group's business development manager, confirmed that the company has established a new airline - Cargo Logic Air (CLA).
Views: 850
Bos-Shelf in Kamag buy thumbnail image

Felbermayr builds base

November 6 - November 6 - Felbermayr has broken ground on a new facility for its subsidiaries Wimmer Maschinentransporte and Hagn-Umwelttechnik at Sulzemoos, Germany.
Views: 778
Universal Transport takes over Ivanica thumbnail image

Zumbühl goes for EuroCompact

November 6 - November 6 - Switzerland headquartered Zumbühl Transport and Kies has acquired a Scheuerle-Nicolas EuroCompact trailer, designed for the transport of heavy construction equipment.
Views: 407
Zoo trip for Wagenborg thumbnail image

Sonora raises the bar

November 5 - November 5 - Sonora recently completed a project for a local customer involving the movement of a large metal component with a length of 13.5 m and diameter of 3.9 m, from Ventspils, Latvia to Nybro, Sweden.
Views: 527
Braemar comes together thumbnail image

Safety a major concern at WCTS

November 5 - November 5 - Over 270 delegates attended the two-day World Crane & Transport Summit (WCTS) at the NH Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Views: 1312
Chapman Freeborn in Scandi tie-up thumbnail image

Plane sailing for choppers

November 5 - November 5 - Air Charter Service (ACS) has transported two Mil Mi-8 MTV helicopters from Africa to Europe for a refit.
Views: 526
Brunel flies replacement engine thumbnail image

Transafe moves Kazakh plant

November 5 - November 5 - Transafe Logistics has completed the delivery of out-of-gauge components for a mineral processing plant in Karazhal, Kazakhstan.
Views: 714
PCN duo joins forces thumbnail image

Joint venture opens offshore base

November 5 - November 5 - Ter Haak Group, Dutch Offshore Group and Rotterdam Offshore Group are collaborating to create a new venture - Dutch Offshore Base.
Views: 805
Timmerhaus adds EuroCompact thumbnail image

Höegh extends SCH deal

November 4 - November 4 - Southampton Cargo Handling (SCH) has signed a new contract with ro-ro shipping line Höegh Autoliners to continue servicing its vessel calls at the UK gateway for a three-year period.
Views: 758
CP Ships' Ray Miles dies thumbnail image

Ács-Gép adds Liebherr trio

November 4 - November 4 - Hungary's Ács-Gép Holding has invested in three Liebherr mobile cranes - one LTM 1200-5.1, an LTM 1300-6.2 and one LTM 1500-8.1.
Views: 700
Second jack-up for ALE thumbnail image

ISS files into Odessa

November 4 - November 4 - Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) has opened a new office in Ukraine.
Views: 754
Flensborg adds Iberian presence thumbnail image

AGL in Vladivostok first

November 3 - November 3 - Alexander Global Logistics' (AGL) new office in Vladivostok, Russia has completed its first project, with the delivery of seven pieces of Kato machinery.
Views: 941
Volga-Dnepr confirms new airline thumbnail image

TEL steels ahead

November 3 - November 3 - Topline Express Logistics (TEL) has coordinated the transport of two 6 m long steel plates by air from China to Korea.
Views: 730
Felbermayr builds base thumbnail image

More laid off at TTS

November 3 - November 3 - TTS Business Unit Offshore, a part of TTS Group ASA, has decided to implement further temporary workforce reductions with immediate effect in the subsidiaries in Norway and Poland.
Views: 430
Zumbühl goes for EuroCompact thumbnail image

Reachstackers take river route

November 3 - November 3 - Two new reachstackers for the Southern Terminal of the Port of Strasbourg have been delivered.
Views: 763
Sonora raises the bar thumbnail image

GeoSea wins Galloper project

November 3 - November 3 - DEME subsidiary GeoSea has been awarded an engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) contract for the Galloper offshore wind farm, located 27 km off the Suffolk coast in the UK.
Views: 476
Safety a major concern at WCTS thumbnail image

Silvasti adds Russia office

November 3 - November 3- Silvasti, Finland's heavy cargo transport specialist has opened an office in St. Petersburg in order to strengthen its market position in Russia.
Views: 744
Plane sailing for choppers thumbnail image

MatthewsDaniel completes Anadarko spar job

November 3 - November 3 - London, UK headquartered MatthewsDaniel has completed marine warranty services on behalf of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation for the installation of the Heidelberg spar in the Gulf of Mexico.
Views: 1005
Transafe moves Kazakh plant thumbnail image

Hansa sails into Johor

November 3 - November 3 - German shipping line Hansa heavy Lift has transported three tugboats, each weighing 504 tonnes, from Rotterdam to Johor in Malaysia.
Views: 1008
Joint venture opens offshore base thumbnail image

Big skid for ALE

November 2 - November 2 - ALE has skidded the 26,500-tonne forward section of the aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, in the UK's Rosyth Dockyard, which the company claims is the heaviest item it has ever skidded.
Views: 637
Höegh extends SCH deal thumbnail image

GAC delivers boats for refugee rescue

November 2 - November 2 - GAC has coordinated the delivery of two, 12 m, high-speed boats to Greece on behalf of the not-for-profit NGO, the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS).
Views: 907
Ács-Gép adds Liebherr trio thumbnail image

Van der Vlist reaches out

November 2 - November 2 - In Australia, Van der Vlist arranged the transport of 22 reach stackers that had been shipped in to Fremantle, Adelaide and Melbourne from Holland and Belgium.
Views: 626

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