Sarens lifted and manoeuvred the world’s largest diameter vacuum chamber in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Sarens was commissioned by client SpinLaunch to assist in the heavy lifting and transport operations at its site in Truth or Consequences in New Mexico from December 2020 until February 2021.

SpinLaunch is currently developing and testing a mass accelerator to launch satellites into space orbit using kinetic energy instead of rockets. The vacuum chamber represents a central piece of their technology.

Sarens team, in close collaboration with SpinLaunch engineering and construction, had to lift, tilt, and transport the chamber at the New Mexico site. A detailed engineering study and lifting plan was worked out with the client to develop a unique concept design for lifting and tilting the launching chamber.

Sarens deployed:

    •    2 x tower SMLT 5.800 mm;

    •    4 x strand jack SWL 450T;

    •    2 x strand jack SWL 45T;

    •    64 x axle lines SPMT K2400 and 4 PPU

The equipment was mobilised in 32 trucks from our site in Virginia and Houston and assembled in four weeks. The wind, snow, and freezing temperatures added to the challenge.

The chamber measured 33m diameter and weighed over 1000T. The chamber was lifted vertically over 16m, rotated 90 degrees, and transported 200m. According to Steven Sarens, “We are very proud of being part of a historic project. The team faced interesting challenges during the lifts and devised the most unique solutions with intensive engineering and support from SpinLaunch.”