4D Supply Chain Consulting

4D Supply Chain Consulting

4D Supply Chain Consulting (4D) is an independent logistics and supply chain consultancy providing unique expertise to solving clients end2end logistics and supply chain challenges. 4D, is part of a global group of logistics and supply chain professionals, backed by 100 years of logistics excellence. It recognises current market challenges and is an expert in working with clients to review and improve organisations supply chain & logistics activity to unlock value and reduce cost.

4D delivers market-leading supply chain and logistics trainings (both digital and classroom based) to students and working professionals around the globe. It is committed to delivering excellence in both training content as well as the design of the learning experience for its learners on their journey to continuous professional development (CPD).


Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International (HLPFI) is firmly established as the leading media presence for professionals involved in the logistics of over-dimensional and heavy cargoes. Written by an international team of award-winning journalists, HLPFI delivers essential information about the movement of such cargoes across the whole range of transport modes.

We have partnered with 4D Supply Chain Consulting (4D) as part of a joint initiative to address the skills gap within the supply chain and logistics industry. The objective is to help raise awareness of training needs across the industry through training and continuous professional development (CPD) to support companies to find and retain the talent needed to take their business forward.

The launch of the HLPFI/4D Training Portal is a first step in helping to address what is quickly approaching crisis territory for the logistics industry – training and retaining qualified staff.

Staff retention and upskilling goes hand in hand. A switch to remote, flexible ways of working has occurred lockstep with the growth on e-learning platforms – to the benefit of employers and employees. The former benefits from a highly capable workforce that can train in an adaptable, online environment. The latter receives professional accreditation, a boost for the CV, while feeling empowered and invested in.

For years, we have reported on the logistics industry ‘brain drain’, the concentration of knowledge in the minds of the older generations, and a lack of clear learning paths for professionals. The HLPFI/4D Training Portal is a small step towards tackling these perennial issues.

We think that the best way to address the issues facing the logistics industry as a whole, when it comes to training, is collectively. We invite all stakeholders from the project logistics supply chain, including forwarders, carriers, training providers and the press, to get in touch and discuss ways in which we can collaborate.