Houston Community College (HCC) has partnered with Fracht Group to launch an international freight forwarding apprenticeship programme.

Fracht Solutions Ocean Freight

Source: Fracht Group

Expected to launch this summer, the programme will address a growing demand for skilled professionals in the global freight forwarding sector where a need for individuals capable of navigating complex supply chains and international regulations has never been greater, said HCC.

According to Fracht Group, the programme is the perfect blend of theory and practice. It will offer aspiring professionals hands-on experience and knowledge of freight forwarding with Fracht experts as mentors, gaining invaluable insights into navigating complex supply chains and international regulations. 

Students will be paid USD18-22 per hour while attending. If students successfully complete the two-year programme, Fracht will reimburse students for their tuition and fees, and cover the cost of books.

Fracht said: “We’re invested in the success of our participants, and we’re committed to making sure nothing stands in their way. We will equip the next generation of logistics leaders with the tools they need to drive innovation and shape the future of our industry.”

Dr. Christina Robinson, executive director of work-based learning and industry partnerships at HCC, added: “This initiative reflects our commitment to nurturing talent and driving innovation within the logistics industry. We are grateful the Fracht Group will contribute its expertise to the evolution of this new programme.”