The year’s winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Kurt Skov of Blue Water Shipping.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Winer - Kurt Skov

Skov stepped into the industry more than 50 years ago and at the age of 25 established a company that would become one of the leading organisations in the project logistics field. Described by one of our judges as someone that not only built one of the most important and recognisable businesses in project logistics but also someone that has a level of humility rarely found, Skov has never lost touch with his roots nor value set. He grew a small entity into a global player that to this day dedicates time and money to support non-political, scientific, humanitarian and social purposes through a dedicated foundation.

Rather than managing from the top, he leads from the middle – as a captain and creative midfielder, seeing the big picture and involving fellow players and supporting them with their challenges and responsibilities. Although the days of a team of three are long behind him, he never fails to spot the new employees when visiting any of the 70 locations his company now operates.