November 15 - 3p Logistics Group has opened for business in Poland and will represent the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in the country.

The company, which has a project specialist team with extensive experience in the wind energy, oil & gas industries and industrial project movements, already represents PCN in Denmark and Lithuania.

3p Group CEO, Paw Kristensen (pictured below) says: "With its 40 million inhabitants Poland has shown to be one the financial strongest countries in central Europe, with continuing economic growth. Poland is, together with Germany, the most important transit market in the entire central Europe, and being in between a huge Eastern European market and the rest of Europe no one can avoid Poland. 

"Our head office is located in Gdansk which is the largest seaport in the Baltic sea from where we operate sea and road logistics, our airfreight management is located nearby Warsaw airport. Our staff is highly educated to handle any kind of projects to the Polish territory, and transiting to a growing Russian and other eastern European markets, like Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We operate sea, air and road logistics with a 24 hour service."

PCN now has 112 members spread across 66 countries.