4D Supply Chain Consulting (4D) has partnered with Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International (HLPFI) as part of a joint initiative to address the skills gap within the supply chain and logistics industry.

The objective is to help raise awareness of training needs across the industry through training and continuous professional development (CPD) to support companies to find and retain the talent needed to take their business forward.

The launch of the HLPFI/4D Training Portal is a first step in helping to address what is quickly approaching crisis territory for the logistics industry – training and retaining qualified staff. At our dedicated website, you can find a series of CILT-accredited training courses, developed by 4D, where logisticians can learn and update their knowledge base.

Staff retention and upskilling goes hand in hand. A switch to remote, flexible ways of working has occurred lockstep with the growth on e-learning platforms – to the benefit of employers and employees. The former benefits from a highly capable workforce that can train in an adaptable, online environment. The latter receives professional accreditation.

The uptake for 4D’s e-learning courses over the past 12 months has been nothing short of incredible. “Affordable”, “comprehensive” and “flexible” are just some of the terms used in a series of glowing testimonials from logistics students and professionals from across the industry.

Thomas Skellingsted, president of 4D Supply Chain Consulting, said: “We at 4D are glad to have partnered up with HLPFI, since this is part of our strategy to ensure our trainings are accessible for end users—either within the industry or for students or individuals within companies who need to update their knowledge when it comes to Letters of Credit, for instance.”

The HLPFI/4D Training Portal is just the first step in a longer journey to improve the industry’s skill set. David Kershaw, editor at HLPFI, said: “For years, we have reported on the logistics industry ‘brain drain’, the concentration of knowledge in the minds of the older generations, and a lack of clear learning paths for professionals. The HLPFI/4D Training Portal is a small step towards tackling these perennial issues.

“Together with 4D, we hope to raise awareness of the advantages of e-learning. Having sat the Incoterms 2020 Made Easy course myself, I can say that the style, supporting materials as well as the focus on transport, insurance and liability implications were highly beneficial.

“We think that the best way to address the issues facing the logistics industry as a whole, when it comes to training, is collectively. We invite all stakeholders from the project logistics supply chain, including forwarders, carriers, training providers and the press, to get in touch and discuss ways in which we can collaborate.