January 14 - Almajdouie Logistics Company was contracted to transport 34 heavy and oversize units over 140 km by road from Jazan Port to Jazan Economic City in Saudi Arabia.

Almajdouie explained that the project involved delivering heavy loads weighing up to 500 tonnes through Jazan city, which is criss-crossed with canals and has a number of bridges with 100-tonne weight limits.

The company conducted a thorough survey of the area and studied various options, before deciding to build asphalted bypasses over eight of the canals and bridges during favourable weather conditions.

However, as is often the case with the weather, nature was not kind to Almajdouie, as the tropical typhoon of Yemen passed over Jazan on the day of the scheduled transport, threatening the move by saturating the bypasses with rainwater.

The units were held in position at the beginning of the constructed bypasses until the water flow slowed down, and once Almajdouie was happy with the conditions, 20 of the heavy pieces were moved across. The remaining units will be delivered subsequently, said Almajdouie.

Almajdouie made use of its new fleet of 72 axle lines of Scheuerle K25 modular trailers to deliver the cargo to its final destination.