The European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes (ESTA) has appointed Fabio Belli, ceo of Fagioli, as its president.

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Fabio Belli.

Belli was proposed for the role by the ESTA board during February. The general assembly voted at its meeting in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, on March 17, to approve the nomination.

He said: “Our organisation has been trying to work with the European Commission, regulators and national governments to create strong systems and structures. That work is ongoing and unfinished, but I strongly believe that we are making progress and that our voice is increasingly being heard.

“I also believe that Europe, in general, can only have a future if we walk together. Recent tragic events tell us that as Europeans we are obliged to follow a common path, we do not have an alternative. Our shared values and the desire for a common market of standards led to the founding of ESTA in 1976.

“We have to follow this path, even more strongly than before, bringing more European companies and people along with us, promoting cooperation, safety, sustainability and an obsession for quality.”

Belli succeeds David Collet, managing director of Collett & Sons, who served in the role for the maximum time allowed under ESTA’s constitution – three, three-year terms. Collett will remain an ESTA board member.