Blue Water Shipping has acquired Guyana-based Falcon Logistics.


In recent years, Blue Water has strengthened its activities in Guyana and the Caribbean region, handling large volumes of cargo for the oil and gas sector. The acquisition of Falcon will expand its range of services to include shore-based activities, warehousing, trucking, laydown management, heavy haulage, and lifting project-related business into and out of Georgetown.    

“The acquisition of Falcon Logistics is a very exciting event in the world of Blue Water. It is yet another substantial commitment in the Caribbean region, and we are pleased to welcome more than 40 new colleagues in Guyana to the Blue Water family,” said Thomas Bek, chief operating officer, energy, ports and projects at Blue Water.

Brent Patterson, regional director energy, ports and projects at Blue Water, added: “Gaining the staff, expertise, and assets from Falcon is instrumental to our business plan in the Caribbean. The new employees, properties, equipment, and warehouse space truly puts Blue Water Shipping in a position to continue to thrive in the local market.”

Operating as Blue Water Shipping Guyana, the merged outfit will remain majority Guyanese owned and will preserve compliance with local content law. Jennifer Falconer, co-founder of Falcon Logistics, said: “We are proud to join the Blue Water family, which will provide a global reach to an already expansive Falcon Logistics product. This newly formed Guyanese-owned company not only complies with the full spirit of Guyana’s local content legislation but creates a plethora of opportunities for Guyanese people within this industry.”