Blue Water Shipping is opening offices in Iraq and Saudi Arabia as it expands its position in the Middle East.

Blue Water Projects

“We want to expand our global presence to serve current and future customers in the best possible way. Our customers in the energy sector operate internationally, and it is, therefore, a strategic objective that we continuously develop our organisation to meet the demand and expectations of the market,” said Thomas Bek, global director of Energy & Projects at Blue Water.

Traditionally, the energy sector in the Middle East has focused on oil and gas production, which will continue to be a dominant activity in the future.  However, there will also be a substantial investment and focus on renewable energy, an area where Blue Water has been heavily involved in delivering transport and logistics solutions.

Bek noted: “We see significant synergies between the oil and gas sector and the renewables sector, as some of the companies that traditionally operate in oil and gas show an interest in diversification within renewable energy.  We have, during recent years, also consolidated our subject matter expertise within the two sectors into one division – Energy & Projects. In this way, we support our customers’ needs more effectively by drawing on our overall experience and competencies within Blue Water.”

Peter Ehrhorn, regional director Middle East and CIS, added: “With the new locations, we are in a significantly better position to provide local service in the region based on our international experience in offshore and onshore wind, solar energy, and green hydrogen.  We have seen a significant increase in demand for logistics services executed by those providers who can showcase experience in creating and implementing unique solutions that fit in with local conditions.”