Antwerp-based NxtPort and Port+ will launch the Bulkchain central collaboration platform on March 5.

The system shares updates on breakbulk consignments in real time with all stakeholders. According to the developers, the result will be transparent, efficient communication within the entire breakbulk supply chain.

The concept was devised in 2018 and a year later a beta version was demonstrated at the Antwerp XL exhibition in April. In October 2019, ArcelorMittal and PSA joined the pilot project.

ArcelorMittal Logistics Belgium’s ceo William Moyersoen, said: “Setting up integration with Bulkchain just once opens the door for all member parties to exchange data in the same way.”

For each consignment Bulkchain creates a single file that links all import and export partners, so that all parties involved in the movement are constantly up to date.

Steven Schutter, Bulkchain product manager, added that the breakbulk community has long been in search of a digital solution to catch up with its colleagues in the container sector. “We are doing away with the constant copying-and-pasting, carbon copies and superfluous phone calls. Bulkchain will streamline the entire logistics process. It means much less administrative hassle and more efficient communication among the correct locations, eliminating avoidable errors.”

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