Ceva Logistics has invoked force majeure as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak

By declaring force majeure, Ceva Logistics says that it is temporarily relieved of its normal contractual obligations where these are rendered impossible or impracticable due to the Coronavirus epidemic and its effects.

Going forward, Ceva Logistics will be able to modify all or part of its services, change its working procedures and any previously agreed rates and prices, levy surcharges, or otherwise to take any measures necessary to adjust its business operations and its obligations to its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

“The spread of the Covid-19 virus throughout all continents is currently disrupting all aspects of normal business activity. At the same time, almost all governments are imposing increasingly stringent prevention and protection measures,” said Ceva.

“The Covid-19 virus and the necessary response measures being taken by governments are entirely outside the control of Ceva Logistics. As they were unforeseeable, they fall within the definition of force majeure – the principles of which are universally recognised in business, and enshrined in law.”

Last week, DHL Global Forwarding invoked the clause as a result of the outbreak, as HLPFI reported here. With factories around the world closing their doors, shipping lines cancelling sailings and aircraft grounded, more logistics service providers are likely to declare force majeure in the months ahead.