April 11 - Following its acquisition of UTi, DSV says that its 100 largest clients have all committed to continuing business with the combined group.

DSV's chief executive officer Jens Bjoern Andersen says that keeping customers was a key part of DSV's post-merger plan, which includes synergies and cost reductions.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Andersen said that the first signs show the integration is going well and feedback from UTi's biggest customers has been very good.
He added that there have been no negative surprises and revealed that having bought more than 30 companies in the last 10 years, DSV has had more problems with the small acquisitions than the big ones, saying that it is often easier for people in a big company to adopt to the culture of another big company.

DSV closed the USD1.35 billion purchase of UTi in January 2016 and Andersen has also indicated that this is not the end of the company's acquisition programme.