May 5 - EMS Log, member of the EMS-Fehn-Group, has purchased 70 percent of heavy duty trucking company Europatrans.

Europatrans, which is based in Lubeck, Germany, specialises in the road transport of heavy and out-of-gauge cargoes specifically in the Scandinavian region, explained managing director of EMS Log, Manfred Mueller.

The company owns and operates ten heavy duty trucks, as well as 20 lowbed trailers suitable for the transport of heavy and oversize cargoes.

Mueller told HLPFI that Europatrans will be keeping its company name and management team, with the company's director Andreas Schact, who owns the remaining 30 percent of the company, retaining his position.

"We had ships but no trucks - now we have trucks," said Mueller. "This addition completes our group."

EMS Log managing director Dominik Sleur has also recently been appointed as managing director of EMS Chartering. Sleur will hold both positions and Mueller explained that both EMS Log and EMS Chartering will now be combining their respective sales activities.