Erhardt Proyectos has developed a digital platform named netERH that provides its customers with a range of solutions, including diProcure, diOffer, diContract, diOpx, diShl and diWharehouse.

The platform, which will come online early in 2022, utilises a range of digital technologies including artificial intelligence; machine learning; sensor systems and the internet of things; data and analytics; and blockchain.

The first solution in the line-up, diProcure, speeds up price requests and answers from different suppliers for specific logistics operations, while diOffer simplifies and monitors viable quotes in response to transportation requests.

diContract draws up secure, multi-supplier contracts and anticipates the various risks associated with the logistics operation to be carried out; diOpx, focuses on smart planning and real-time traceability in each operation; and diShl provides customers with information and specific services as required by the type of operation carried out – for example, the securing of insurance policies and specialist personnel.

The last solution in netERH’s roster is diWarehouse. This ensures that the location of cargo is known at all times and facilitates its movement to the final destination when necessary.  

Each solution can be used separately, meaning customers can configure their own set of tailored services to meet their needs.

“With netERH we offer customers maximum customisation to suit their needs and business intelligence, so that they can offer their own customers more value added and thus stand out from their competitors, at the same time making their businesses more sustainable,” explained Blanca Alarcia, head of netERH.