Freight forwarder Geodis has acquired Switzerland-based ITS - International Transport & Shipping.

Geodis--PRESS_ signature ITS

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Reinach, ITS specialises in high-tech special services, organising transport and logistics for dedicated projects and outsized equipment for the industrial automotive and defence sectors. The company also provides standard ocean freight and general cargo services. 

Marie-Christine Lombard, ceo of Geodis, said: “Switzerland is home to a wide number of multinational companies that are key Geodis customers, among them several dynamic members of the pharmaceutical industry. Having acquired ITS, Geodis is one step closer to its aim of completing a global end-to-end network to serve its customers.”  

Massimo Bianco, ceo of ITS, added: “Our aim is to provide an even broader range of services to our customers across an extended geographical market. This move, which combines our existing capabilities with Geodis’ wealth of expertise and global footprint will help achieve that goal and assist all customers in navigating the complexities of an ever-changing supply chain environment.”