April 18 - Goldhofer unveiled its first heavy-duty drive unit - the ADDrive - at the bauma exhibition in Munich last week, which it claims combines the benefits of a towed module and self-propelled module.

Goldhofer says that the ADDrive has a wide range of possible applications, offering benefits in tractive force, speed, availability and economics.

It adds that the solution offers more efficiency and flexibility to heavy hauliers, since it can be used as a self-propelled vehicle and as a towed module.

According to the manufacturer, the ADDrive removes the need for transferring cargo from a road transport vehicle to a self-propelled transporter when road conditions change, since the unit can be used to power both trailers on roads and those on difficult terrain.

As well as the final positioning of heavy cargoes, the ADDrive is useful for crossing bridges as it can be used in a towing configuration until reaching the bridge and then switched to a self-propelled unit when crossing the bridge, explained Goldhofer.

The ADDrive can also be disconnected from the hydro-mechanical drive system, added the manufacturer, meaning that there is no more oil flow in towed mode. This results in no resistance or heat generation within the system, which Goldhofer says translates into no oil-related wear and significantly lower maintenance effort.

The ADDrive unit can be combined with Goldhofer's entire SL family and with most vehicles featuring pivot bearings. In some cases, continued the company, the ADDrive can avoid the need for an additional tractor unit.

Goldhofer ceo Stefan Fuchs said that the response for the new system at bauma had been "outstanding", with a large number of orders made.

The trailer manufacturer also debuted its MPA-K modular system for semitrailers at the exhibition, while it also presented its eighth Faktor 5 high girder bridge, which is being delivered to Mexican heavy haulier Mucino Transportes.