March 17 - Gebrüder Weiss recorded a provisional net turnover of EUR1.28 billion (USD1.44 billion) in 2015, a 3 percent increase compared with EUR1.24 billion (USD1.4 billion) in 2014.

Gebrüder Weiss ceo Wolfgang Niessner commented: "In spite of the tense economic situation in Europe, we continued to build on the steady development of the previous years by investing in facilities, products and human resources and created added value for our customers through intelligent logistics solutions."

The company's total investments in 2015 amounted to EUR53.75 million (USD60.7 million), as it expanded locations in central and eastern Europe, and intensified operations in Asia.

Overall, Gebrüder Weiss' overland transport and logistics business segment increased its turnover by 3.9 percent year-on-year to EUR857.7 million (USD969.8 million). The company's air and sea freight business also grew by 2 percent.