Harren & Partner Group has acquired a major stake in Hamburg-based ship design and engineering service provider HeavyLift@Sea.

Hendrik Gröne, MD of HeavyLift@Sea, and Jakob Christiansen, Head of Research & Development, Retrofit & Newbuilding at the Harren & Partner Group

Hendrik Gröne, managing director of HeavyLift@Sea, and Jakob Christiansen, head of research and development, retrofit and newbuilding at the Harren & Partner Group.

Martin Harren, ceo of the Harren & Partner Group, said: “Heavy lift and multipurpose shipping has always been a cornerstone of our business. In the next few years, we will successively expedite the development and addition of the fleet towards a new generation of carbon-neutral heavy lift carriers. This requires extensive ship design and engineering capacities. Our new colleagues have invaluable knowledge and experience in the field of building new and converting heavy lift vessels and deck carriers.

“Personally, I find it extremely gratifying that, from now on, the engineers will be in direct contact with the respective operators. This will allow them to see, inspect and constantly improve their work in a purposeful way. We did this for many years during SAL’s formation and development, and it is one of the reasons why SAL’s ships are technologically superior today.”

Hendrik Gröne, managing director of HeavyLift@Sea, added: “We see enormous potential for newbuildings. I am sure that with our expertise in this area, we can further advance both our engineering capabilities and the flexibility of the group. It is a perfect fit for us because the Harren & Partner Group – with its affiliated companies – secures our team’s basic capacity utilisation for the next few years.”

Jakob Christiansen, head of research and development, retrofit and newbuilding at the Harren & Partner Group, is taking on the role of managing director of HeavyLift@Sea alongside Hendrik Gröne.

Christiansen said: “SAL Engineering has already 40 engineers working on maritime engineering solutions for our fleet – with some potential to grow in the area of ship design. We are now closing this gap. The cooperation with HeavyLift@Sea is the logical next step for us to secure experience and know-how. The new colleagues have extensive technical knowledge that perfectly complements our engineers’ expertise. By joining forces, both Harren & Partner and HeavyLift@Sea will strengthen their service portfolios. Customers will benefit from more choices and better solutions.”