Inchcape Shipping Services has opened an office in Busan, South Korea.

Inchcape - Busan

Source: Inchcape. 18/03/2024

Eric Jeong, office manager in Busan, and Hyeran Park, operations of Busan.

The office’s main services will be crew logistics, husbandry service with container lines, government services with navy vessels as well as offshore projects in the Geoje and Mokpo shipyards, with Inchcape commenting that the Busan location will play a pivotal role in facilitating logistics operations and supporting offshore projects in the region.

“By establishing a presence in the largest port in South Korea, Inchcape underscores its commitment to growth and expansion within the Korean market,” the company explained.

Additionally, the office’s presence in Busan allows Inchcape to extend its coverage to a wider network of ports, including Chinhae, Geoje, Mokpo, Masan, and Jeju.