May 11 - A Grove RT880E has been the first crane in the Middle East to be fitted with Samson's innovative K-100 synthetic hoist rope.

The synthetic rope, designed specifically for mobile cranes, has been jointly-developed by synthetic rope manufacturer Samson and crane producer Manitowoc.

Manufactured using a combination of high-performance synthetic fibres, K-100 is 80 percent lighter than wire rope and boasts torque-neutral construction that eliminates load spin and cabling, states Manitowoc. The material also makes for easy handling, reeving and installation as it reduces kinking, bird caging and damage from other types of spooling issues. Additionally, because it does not require lubing with heavy grease, it is environmentally friendly.

Yannick Richaud, director for Manitowoc Cranes in the UAE, said: "Crane enthusiasts in the Middle East will see the numerous benefits of this innovation. Additionally, customers, especially those in the oil and gas industries, will feel confident investing in a product that has been tested by a reputable and well-known company such as Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)."

Manitowoc and Samson also measured the effects of ultraviolet (UV) light over a period of one year. During this time, Samson's research and development team collaborated with a worldwide leader in polymer coating additives to enhance UV protection on K-100. The results showed that it maintained 90 percent of new rope strength following exposure in the sunlight. Tests were conducted at Samson labs where more than 7 km of rope was tested.