March 3 - Lovemore Bros has invested ZAR3.85 million (USD325,988) in a new hydraulic gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 350 tonnes.

One of the company's directors, Rob Lovemore, explained that in order to stay competitive in the industry, it was necessary to invest in such specialised rigging equipment.

"Considering that specialised rigging tools are not used daily, it is essential that the business has sufficient critical mass to carry this investment between projects. But on the other hand, it is critical to have access to the gantry at short notice and thus the investment in specialised tools for serious players is unavoidable. It may explain the high cost of contracts where the gantry is in operation," says Lovemore.

The hydraulic gantry has increased height capabilities and safety features, including the Lift-n-Lock cam locking technology, which provides continual load protection throughout the duration of the lift. If a lift cylinder happens to lose pressure, the Lift-n-Lock safety system will immediately engage to hold the load in place, protecting both the riggers and those on site as well as the load.

In addition to its safety features, the gantry can also work in confined spaces of low overhead areas while remaining mobile and easily transportable, said Lovemore.

"In the relatively small rigging market of Southern Africa, versatility is the name of the game," Lovemore went on. "This gantry investment is about a belief in the return of the good times for Southern Africa."