May 26 - Mammoet has transported and installed a footbridge across the Alytua Park valley in the Lithuanian city of Alytus.

Lithuanian construction company, Alkesta, was commissioned by the government to build a unique bridge, which will connect two banks of the river Numenas and crosses the Alytua Park valley.

Alkesta then asked Mammoet to handle the transportation and installation of the sections, which had an average weight of 204 tonnes each. The main section of the bridge and the two side sections each measured approximately 100 m long. 

The original bridge across the Numenas was destroyed during bombing in the Second World War, and the purpose of the new crossing is to make the area more accessible and allow people to enjoy the local nature, which the government hopes will increase the number of tourists and help the area grow economically.

The project presented a range of challenges for Mammoet, including harsh weather conditions, a strong current and the width of the river. However, Mammoet said that its previous experience working in environmentally sensitive locations, like this national reserve, enabled the company to execute the project safely and on time.