December 18 - Mammoet USA has invested in a 1,600-tonne capacity Terex CC 8800-1 crawler crane to tackle several upcoming projects on the Gulf Coast.

The Terex model, which arrived in the USA this month, has already begun work on a catalytic cracker turnaround project at a Texas Gulf Coast refinery.

Mammoet USA says that it will be the largest crawler in its regional fleet. It will expand the company's regional crane fleet to 75 units, ranging in lifting capacity from 100 to 1,600 tonnes.

The new Terex crane will also be available with the Boom Booster kit, which provides additional lifting capacity.

"Its large capacity and unmatched flexibility make it possible to be used in confined spaces without compromising its lifting abilities," said Mammoet USA sales director Pierre Mille. "The Boom Booster kit will also give the crane even greater capacity, specifically for tall vertical lifts."

Alongside this supersize investment, Mammoet USA is also investing in a number of small and medium size cranes - all of which are intended for use in projects taking place on the Gulf Coast.