December 22 - Mammoet has transported a 400-tonne Siemens gas turbine generator from Algiers port to the Cap Djinet power plant project site in Algeria.

Mammoet explained that a large earthquake in 2003 had resulted in poor infrastructure on the transport route, leaving the condition and weight-bearing capacity of a number of bridges uncertain.

Due to these conditions, the Algerian government prohibited the transport of the cargo to the Cap Djinet plant by road.
Therefore, Mammoet devised a solution that involved moving the cargo via barge 70 km along the coast. The generator was loaded on 24 axle lines of SPMT, before being rolled onto the barge and secured using around 400 tonnes of stools and beams.

Mammoet explained that Algeria is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa in terms of raw materials, with extensive crude oil and natural gas deposits. Due to its economic development, the country plans to expand its power generation capacity from the current level of 11 GW to approximately 26 GW by the year 2022.

To meet the demands of energy consumption in Algeria, there are 14 power plants planned with eight currently under construction. These are combined cycle plants, each with a planned output from 1,200 MW to 1,600 MW, explained Mammoet, which has been involved in transport operations for four of these projects so far.