January 20 - Maximus Air is launching a brand new one-stop-shop service in 2015, which will combine the airline's existing oversized cargo fleet with a global network of partners and offer a door-to-door delivery service for the first time.

According to Maximus ceo Mohamed Ebrahim Al Qassimi, the service will cater to virtually any shipment size and is a conscious decision by the company to diversify its existing services, which currently revolve around large and heavy goods. He added that the service will have a simple pricing structure and competitive rates.

Maximus' decision to expand its services comes just a few months after the latest Boeing World Air Cargo Forecast revealed that the global air freight industry is set to grow by 4.7 percent each year until 2033.

The one-stop-shop service will include air freight, while sea freight, FCL, LCL, breakbulk and land transport within the GCC region will also be accommodated, as well as warehousing, supply chain management facilities, insurance and packing services, explained Maximus.

"This is the first time Maximus will offer such a service and this is a key part of our strategy to grow and expand upon the success of our traditional business offering," said Al Qassimi. "Naturally oversized cargo will remain at the core of everything we do. However, once operational, the single window one-stop-shop will open new markets that complement the usual array of large cargo that we can transport." 

He went on: "Instead of focusing on 80 percent of the market for a 20 percent share, we aim to focus on 20 percent of the market and attract an 80 percent share. For the first six months we will be mainly focusing on existing clients to target their imports and offer them value-added services for freight. We expect this service to start to turn a profit within the first half of 2015, with further market segmentation earmarked for 2016."

The Maximus ceo is optimistic about the potential for tapping into air cargo being transported between the Middle East and Europe, which is also expected to average 4 percent growth a year over the next 20 years. 

"Middle East cargo airlines are growing at a tremendous rate, and so too are trade flows between Europe. A new cargo terminal has been proposed that would handle around 2.5 million tonnes of air freight by 2025, and much of that capacity will be consumed by cargo bound for destinations across Europe. With our unique fleet, this is something we are confident of being able to tap into," Al Qassimi concluded.