November 2 - Modulift has launched its new modular trunnion spreader beam, which it says will ease the attachment of slings when rigging heavy lifts.

Set to "revolutionise" the rigging industry, Modulift explained that the new modular spreader beam will offer an efficient, lightweight and economic below-the-hook solution.

According to Modulift, the trunnion product offers a number of benefits in high-capacity lifting operations, including significant time savings when compared with similar applications. 

The Modulift spreader has been modified and a drop link removed to make way for the trunnion pin and cross pins. This allows for direct connection of slings to the spreader beam, said the manufacturer.

The solution is essentially a standard modular spreader, using the same struts and bolting configurations and is fully compatible with current and legacy equipment, added Modulift.

"The difference is apparent when looking at the end unit, the focal point of the product that will enable us to appeal to customers who are primarily interested in ease of assembly and currently use drop link and shackle configurations," said Modulift managing director Sarah Spivey.

Spivey added that the trunnion modular spreader beam also improves safety, since there are no heavy shackles and drop links to manoeuvre.

The trunnion spreader will initially be launched in three sizes - TRUN MOD250, TRUN MOD400 and TRUN MOD600 - ranging in capacity from 250 tonnes to 1,000 tonnes.

Further sizes can be designed on a custom basis and additions to the range may be manufactured in future if demand is sufficient, said Modulift.