Port Esbjerg has formed an alliance with nine other Nordic ports with the aim of accelerating the development of sustainable transport and logistics solutions.

The port of Esbjerg, Denmark.

“Sustainability is a key priority across our range of activities at Port Esbjerg, but it is not something we can achieve on our own,” according to the port’s ceo Dennis Jul Pedersen. “That is why alliances – both with our customers and our business partners – are so important. And so are alliances with other ports, because through them we will have opportunities to exchange experiences and thereby speed up innovation.”

The other ports comprising the alliance are Aarhus, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Helsinki, Malmö, Oslo, Reykjavik, Stockholm and Tórshavn.

As part of the agreement, the ports will work together to reduce pollution, to develop and enhance the use of sustainable energy and to protect maritime biodiversity. The targets in the agreement are related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“At Port Esbjerg, we have already launched a number of initiatives, and I look forward to exchanging experiences and best practices with ports throughout the Nordic region,” added Jul Pedersen.

“When the challenges we face are global in nature, solving them requires cross-border collaboration. Hopefully, our new initiative can help inspire new ideas.”