Dutch offshore engineering contractor Boskalis had a record year in 2023, with revenue up 20 percent, EBITDA up 68 percent and net profit up by nearly 150 percent compared to 2022.


Revenue increased to EUR4.28 billion (USD4.7 billion) and net profit to EUR601 million (USD655 million). Peter Berdowski, ceo at Boskalis, said that “all parts of the business contributed to these impressive figures”. 

The dredging and inland infrastructure divisions were occupied on large projects in the Middle East, Far East and Europe, while in salvage a number of high-profile projects were completed.

In the office energy division, Boskalis was involved in the construction of 29 offshore wind farms, accounting for 50 percent of its offshore revenue. The company completed its first wind project in the USA as well as several projects in Taiwan and Europe.

In that division, revenue increased 41 percent. All business units contributed to the strong figures, but the largest increase came from offshore wind.  

Boskalis’ marine transport and services business unit, meanwhile, also executed some high-profile projects with its heavy transport vessels, such as the transportation of the heavily damaged 330-m FPU Zafiro Producer on the BOKA Vanguard to a scrapyard. This division was supported by strong market demand from both the offshore wind and oil and gas markets.

On the sustainability front, Boskalis said it made good progress in its efforts to reduce carbon emissions and completed a study on how to measure and monitor its “road to net zero by 2050”. It aims for a 10 percent reduction in carbon intensity in 2030 compared to 2023. “We intend to achieve this partly through energy efficiency measures and partly through the use of renewable fuels. Using our carbon intensity ratio indicator, we monitor progress against our ambition and are able to track the energy efficiency of our fleet on a vessel-by-vessel level,” Boskalis explained.

Looking ahead, the orderbook amounts to EUR6 billion (USD6.5 billion). “With the well-filled order book and favourable market outlook, we are positive about the outlook for 2024,” added Boskalis.