August 21 - With the establishment of Rhenus Offshore Logistics GmbH & Co at the beginning of August, the Rhenus Group says that it is repositioning itself in the logistics business for the offshore wind energy sector.

With the help of experienced logistics professionals from the company's office in Bremen, it can now provide the offshore sector with the skills and resources of the whole Rhenus group.

"The new start-up allows us to market our comprehensive logistics packages and develop them further in close dialogue with our clients. That means we are the point of contact and can, for example, integrate our own Rhenus port resources into individual projects," Björn Wittek, managing director of Rhenus Offshore Logistics, explains.

"In no way is our involvement limited to transport services to and from the ports: We are a true full-service provider."

In addition to organising the up- and downstream transportation of components for wind turbines, the new company can, among other things, offer Customs clearance, provide leased containers and vessels and take over various supply and disposal services, including waste disposal for platforms on the high seas.

"We initially started this form of collaboration with industry in an internal team and launched the first projects. The establishment of Rhenus Offshore Logistics puts this process on a formal footing, because we are convinced of this market's development potential," says Michael Appelhans, another of the business unit's joint managing directors.

The first contract signed by the new company regulates supply and disposal logistics for the commissioning of four converter platforms in the German Bight. The range of services agreed in the contract has already been extended into a second phase. Rhenus has also taken over materials coordination on one of the maritime platforms.