RightShip will acquire Thynk Software’s maritime technology business. Thynk’s founder and ceo, Marlon Grech, will become RightShip’s chief technology officer.

The acquisition is expected to be completed on September 1.

RightShip ceo, Steen Lund, said: “This is a critical strategic development for RightShip as we gain our own in-house technology competence that will underpin our long-term growth objective of being an industry leading ESG focused digital maritime platform. 

“Over the past 20 years RightShip has grown purely organically. This acquisition provides us at RightShip with an exciting opportunity to solidify our very foundation as a digital product builder. Having the ‘ready-made’ technology expertise that Thynk brings, allows RightShip to secure increased value for customers, allowing us to grow faster than if we built this capability internally, from the ground up.”