January 29 - Shuttlelift has launched its brand new SB 120 crane - a single beam, single hook, rubber-tyred gantry crane boasting a lifting capacity of 109 tonnes.

"We are able to design it to accommodate even larger capacities if requested," said Kurt Minten, Shuttlelift's director of industrial sales. "We think our customers will find that the new SB 120 is ideally suited to today's marketplace, in which components are getting larger, and plant managers are looking for a more cost-effective way to do business.
The crane has been designed with manoeuverability and travel speeds in mind, as well as lower maintenance costs, when compared to conventional crawler cranes. With the load hanging directly underneath the single beam, the capacity is never dictated by a load chart or range diagram, which easily can be misinterpreted on a boom crane, says Shuttlelift.
Other important features include a standard wireless remote control to improve operational safety and aid manoeuverability.  All-wheel steering, plus additional drive motors to negotiate steeper inclines can be added to the SB 120.
"We're very excited about the new SB 120 crane, because we firmly believe it will revolutionise material handling for our customers," claimed Minten. "They will spend less time and money handling their loads, which means better efficiency, improved profitability, and new growth opportunities for their businesses."