HLPFI spoke with The Heavy Lift Group (THLG) about the first successful candidate of its logistics scholarship scheme, which the network launched at the Breakbulk Europe exhibition in 2018.

If you walked around the halls of the Breakbulk Europe exhibition in 2018 you may have spotted The Heavy Lift Group’s (THLG) Jürgen Osmers playing a barrel organ. As entertaining as it was, Osmers’ foray into the music business actually signalled the launch of THLG’s logistics scholarship scheme. 

After gathering donations at the show and throughout the year, including at an auction hosted during its annual gala dinner, THLG matched the money raised. The money will be used to support a student in his or her studies at the German Foreign Trade and Transport Academy (DAV) in Bremen – a provider of specialised training for the logistics industry. More than 6,000 graduates have passed through the academy’s doors during it near 60-year history. 

The selection process, according to THLG’s Jos Willems, actually turned out to be a simple process as one candidate stood out – Katharina Vyhmeister. 

Vyhmeister started her career in an apprenticeship programme at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics before moving to container line CMA CGM, where she remained for nine years before returning to Hellmann. At that time, Vyhmeister decided to supplement her industry experience by enrolling on a DAV programme. 

Unfortunately, after her first semester, Vyhmeister’s ten-year-old son was diagnosed with bone cancer, which prevented her from completing the two-year course. Instead, she relocated to Berlin to stay by her son’s side during his chemotherapy treatment. While DAV paused her studies, the financial burden of the past year meant Vyhmeister was unsure whether restarting the course was a viable option. “After hearing Katharina’s story, the decision of who should receive the scholarship was unanimous,” explained Willems. “With Katharina, we are sure that the funding will support somebody who has a great ability and needs a little help.” 

Willems added: “In our industry, education and training is very important and we were looking at how we at THLG can contribute. We hope this is an initiative that we can continue so that we can help more students in the logistics industry; we invite professionals from across the supply chain to join our cause.” 

If you would like to make a donation towards THLG’s logistics scholarship scheme, please contact Jos Willems at: admin@theheavyliftgroup.com