November 6 - Red Box Energy Services has seen the launch of its second 25,000 dwt PC-3 Polar Class Module Carrier, Pugnax from the drydock of the Guangzhou Shipyard (GSI) in Longxue, China.

Philip Adkins, Red Box ceo stated: "Pugnax has reached an important construction milestone today. We will be working around the clock to meet the delivery deadline of March 1, 2016, when Pugnax will join its sister ship Audax in service for the next five years transporting modules for the Yamal LNG Project.

"These ships have been designed to sustain the harshest Arctic conditions imaginable and are capable of safely operating at temperature of minus forty degrees centigrade. Given the strategic importance of Yamal LNG to its partners, the value of these two vessels to the success of the project cannot be underestimated.

"We are grateful for the trust YAMGAZ has placed in our team at Red Box as well as their confidence in GSI to deliver these vessels on time, on budget and on spec."

HLPFI readers may recall that Audax was floated out of its drydock in September 2015.