September 9 - Construction services company Rentenbach contracted heavy lift specialist Barnhart to lift a huge four-screen television structure, weighing 700 tons (635 tonnes), at the Bristol Motor Speedway track venue in Bristol, Tennessee, USA.

Comprising four 30 ft x 63 ft (9.1 m x 19.2 m) bespoke screens suspended from a halo-shaped truss and cage, the huge video display will show the University of Tennessee Volunteers take on the Virginia Tech Hokies in 'the Battle at Bristol' at the venue this month.

In January 2016, Barnhart began erecting four 200 ft (60.9 m) high towers - one at each corner of the stadium - and connecting the cables to the towers without damaging the venue's infrastructure.

Once the long cables were in place, Barnhart employed two cranes to lift the 130,000 lb (59-tonne) halo into the air and attach it to the suspension cables.

A couple of weeks later the same cranes, aided by two additional 350-ton (320-tonne) capacity hydraulic cranes, were used to lift the 160,000 lb (72-tonne) cage into place.

See a video of the installation here.