Bishop Lifting Products (BLP) and SENAR have released an augmented reality (AR) sling and rigging hardware inspection and lifting training app for mobile devices.

BLP and SENAR teamed up in January of this year to start developing the system for Apple and Android devices. The AR simulator offers interactive safety inspection training on both individual pieces of rigging equipment and on proper use and attachment of rigging to various load types.

In one of the four scenarios, trainees walk around a life-size digital rack loaded with more than 2,000 lbs (0.9 tonnes) of rigging equipment and they must identify the 40 flaws that could cause an accident. In another scenario, trainees inspect previously assembled rigging attached to a load before giving their sign-off for lifting.

Dan Rose, training manager at BLP, said: “Without AR it would be impossible to replicate those scenarios. They are too dangerous or too costly to reproduce and too heavy to carry when I travel! Now, everything is available on an iPad. We are excited about the training tool and cannot wait to use it in our training classes.”

You can download the app here.