May 16 - City Lifting mobilised its 400-tonne capacity Grove GMK6400 to carry out a challenging lift in the narrow streets of London.

The project called for a crane to lift a 7.5-tonne air conditioning unit, at a 69 m radius, on top of a 60 m high building. City Lifting said several competitors that bid for the job had opted for a 750-tonne class crane, asserting that the lift could not be achieved any other way.

However, City Lifting was able to complete the project swiftly and cost-effectively with its Grove crane. City Lifting states that it is the UK's only owner of the Grove GMK6400, and the mobile crane is the strongest on six axles.

The first challenge for City Lifting was rigging the crane for the lift. Placing a heavy crane with luffing jib and guyed boom configuration in the streets of London is challenging and complex to carry out. However, the Grove GMK6400 was able to rig on the road with extended outriggers measuring 8.7 m x 7.4 m.

"The capacity and reach of the Grove GMK6400, along with its fast set-up time and proven agility on tight job sites, made it a natural fit for City Lifting's fleet as well as the perfect choice for this job," says Melvyn Rogers, sales director for City Lifting.