April 12 - Manitowoc has launched two new Grove all-terrain cranes - the five-axle GMK5150 and GMK5150L - at the bauma exhibition in Munich.

The 150-tonne capacity cranes have a compact design, with the GMK5150L featuring a 60 m boom and the GMK5150 a 51 m boom. The GMK5150L replaces the GMK5130-2, while the GMK5150 replaces GMK5110-1 in the company's product line.

Maximum counterweight for the GMK5150 and GMK5150L is 45 tonnes, helping the cranes achieve an overall load chart increase of 20 perecnt over the GMK5130-2.

Up to 10.2 tonne of counterweight can be carried by the GMK5150 in its taxi set-up, while the GMK5150L can accommodate up to 7.9 tonnes of counterweight in its taxi configuration.

The GMK5150L and GMK5150 are powered by a single engine, reducing their overall weight and allowing them to carry more counterweight, says Manitowoc.

Deliveries of the new GMK5150 and GMK5150L will start in the fourth quarter of 2016.