June 10 - Enerpac has supplied high-pressure hydraulic cylinder technology for the topsides lift system on Allseas' platform installation, decommissioning and pipelaying vessel Pioneering Spirit.

The vessel's 16 lifting beams feature 64 Enerpac CLRG-Series high-tonnage double-acting hydraulic cylinders arranged in groups of fours. They will be used to assist the vessel in lifting platforms and topsides weighing up to 48,000 tonnes.

The cylinders, which are each capable of heavy lifting up to 1,000 tonnes, were designed by Enerpac's engineering team in Spain and produced in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

Enerpac explained that the double-acting cylinders provide high levels of precision and control, which enables Pioneering Spirit to use the 'fast lift' method. During installation and decommissioning, the lifting beams are extended allowing platform topsides to be lifted several metres.

The Enerpac hydraulic cylinders also have higher than normal levels of corrosion resistance to ensure trouble-free operation offshore.