Konecranes has developed its CheckApp for Daily Inspections to help crane users record their findings while performing pre-shift and/or pre-lift inspections.

Daily inspections are statutory requirement in several countries, and Konecranes’ app provides customers with a digitalised way of recording and retrieving the data, which can be used for internal auditing and compliance.

The records are accessible on the customer portal where, in addition to maintenance history, customers can view the condition of their assets. This data assists in planning maintenance actions and provides an audit trail of performed daily inspections, said Konecranes.

Johannes Grönroos, customer reporting and digital portal manager at Konecranes, said: “CheckApp is an easy-to-use app that facilitates making daily inspections on a regular basis, satisfying regulatory requirements and helping businesses stay compliant.

“It is a natural fit for our industry-leading digital service portfolio, which gives customers a real-time view of their equipment and insight into identifying asset-specific safety or production risk issues, workplace improvement opportunities and needs for operator training.”