October 2 - Mammoet has successfully jacked-up and installed a live high-voltage power pylon in the Netherlands, using its JS500 jacking system.

The Dutch heavy lift specialists executed the project on behalf of TenneT TSO for the Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Waterways and Public Works). The 35-tonne pylon had to be elevated 4 m in situ, while maintaining an ongoing power supply.

Mammoet claims it was the first time a project of this nature has ever been achieved. Mammoet was responsible for civil works, the fabrication of the elevating piece, the complete engineering package, the reinforcement of the power pylon and the elevating of the power pylon.

Using the JS500 jacking system, Mammoet raised the pylon with a margin of 5 mm between each leg, securing the structural integrity of the construction. Four jacking system towers were used, at each corner of the structure, ensuring a precise jacking manoeuvre.