Production of Mammoet’s SK6,000 is scheduled to kick off in the third quarter of 2022.


The SK6,000 is a 6,000-tonne capacity land-based crane that will serve fixed-bottom and floating offshore wind projects. The crane can function entirely with electric power, said Mammoet

“As developers look to supply more cost-effective energy to consumers, offshore wind farms are moving to deeper waters and reaching higher to find stronger flows. As a result, the scale of turbine and foundation components – in both fixed and floating offshore wind – continues to grow,” added the company. 

“Bottom fixed jackets and monopiles weighing between 2,000-3,000 tonnes are now common, while next generation turbine towers between 15-20 MW will rise beyond 150 m. If global installed capacity targets are to be realised, the supply chain must also grow.”

For floating wind projects, due to its a maximum radius of 144 m, the SK6,000 can lift a heavy floating foundation directly into the water and assemble its turbine from a single position. This turns the quayside into a highly efficient production line. 

As it is containerised, the SK6,000 can be mobilised to any port.