July 10 - Terex has handed over a new Explorer 5500 all-terrain crane to Mammoet at a reception in Zweibr

Mammoet will use the crane first at its Ludwigshafen and Leuna locations in Germany.

Steffen Marx, Mammoet's Ludwigshafen branch manager, said that the "60-meter boom and a fly jib" will make it simpler "to lift loads high or over obstacles with very limited space", while the axle load indicator will make it easy to check the unit's axle loads.

The safety features of the crane also provide advantages, such as "the unit's automatic counterweight detection and its large number of access points at ground level, which make it possible to easily reach components", pointed out Carsten von der Geest, vice president of EMEAR for Terex.

Moreover "the single-engine design saves fuel, reduces weight, and lowers maintenance costs," said Mammoet's head of crane operations, Hans-Werner Springstein.